New Website Launch

by Michael Warren

Welcome to our new website and what we hope and believe is another big step in the right direction for our emerging brand.

We are looking to build on our first months of business by getting our product out there so that people can experience first hand the quality of the product and the signature cut which distinguishes it from the rest.

We have had nothing but good feedback from our customers which gives us a lot of hope for the future!

As a gift to you in the spirit of Christmas we are offering a 10% discount to celebrate the launch of our new site if you enter the code LAUNCH10 at checkout.

Check back later in the week to see who has provided us with our first celebrity endorsement and let us assure you it's pretty big and we are very proud of ourselves!

We hope you stay with us as we grow as a business and expand our product range. 

In the meantime make your order and see why we are so confident in our products, we promise you will not be disappointed.


Cut Above



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