The future looks bright....

by Michael Warren

Part of our marketing strategy has been to contact successful athletes to ask if they would like the chance to check out our product and provide is with some feedback and if we are really lucky to have a shot or two taken.

We have developed relationships in this manner with sponsored athletes such as Dan Tommo who has an Instagram following of nearly 100,000 and Tom Coleman who is very highly regarded within the industry. 

The quality of our product has been instrumental in encouraging such athletes to back our products and help us out in these very early stages with shots and videos which we can use on social media.

We are extremely excited about the potential of our next celebrity endorsement if it comes off as this will be in the shape of the none other than Josef Rakich. The New Zealand born athlete and fitness coach has established himself as one of the best known, respected  and most popular athletes internationally within the industry and has social media followings that exceed 1.9 million.

We are very hopeful that Josef takes the time to have some shots after receiving very encouraging feedback from him regarding the cut and quality of our products. He is due to put them to the test in the gym very shortly and so hopefully we we will have his full opinion and some shots to support his endorsement in the near future.

Watch this space and check back later in the week to see which highly regraded fitness photographer we will be working with in February to create some new professional quality content and promotional material, it's safe to say it is going to be epic!




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