Questioned on a farm and asked to leave a car park rooftop. Just another shoot with Alex Wightman?!

by Michael Warren

Last weekend saw us heading over to Essex for our first professional photo shoot with the ever popular fitness photographer Alex Wightman. The 400 mile round trip, which included picking up model Dan Thompson on the way, was definitely worth it as not only did we get some amazing images and product shots but we seriously enjoyed witnessing Alex in full flow and trying to keep up with him as he surveyed various areas for shots at breakneck speed.

We have to say a massive thank you to Mike Carter who was able to feature in the shoot at very short notice and we are extremely glad he did after producing shots like this...


We only got to meet Mike briefly due to the schedule of the day but it is clear to see the guy is very talented and good in front of the camera. You can find the vest from this shot here:

Our first location for the shoot saw us head to a farm and as Alex surveyed the area we tried to keep up wondering what the day had in store. In what was Dan's first professional shoot he did incredibly well to settle into the shoot and brave the elements as he followed Alex's very rapid and very precise direction.

There were some admiring and intrigued glances from people on the farm going about their daily business not expecting to witness a fitness shoot and we think Dan made the day of a couple of girls who looked on incredulously. At one point we thought things would be brought to an abrupt end when a member of staff asked us if we had permission to be there but Alex knew exactly what to say to ensure the shoot continued!

Here is a shot we got whilst there....

You can find the vest from this shot here:  

We then headed to Basildon to capture some shots at various locations including shopping centres and car parks.

Again this proved to be eventful as we were eventually greeted by security on the rooftop of one particular car park who politely asked us to leave whilst assuring us it was company policy and nothing personal. Alex is good but couldn't talk his way out of this one!

Here is a shot taken on the shopping centre stairs...

You can find the vest from this shot here:

Finally we headed back to the studio to take the product shots which now feature across our website:

We had an awesome day and it was a pleasure getting to meet everyone involved and we look forward to working with Alex again in the future.

Check our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to see more of the shots from the shoot in the coming weeks.



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